Video Resume Services




Video resumes are a new and innovative contactless yet personal way to stand out to a potential new employer. At Virt Hire, we specialize in creating outstanding, high-quality and effective video resumes that expertly showcase your skills, experience, and personality.

Our friendly, professional, and highly skilled staff will work with you one on one to provide a custom and superior video resume. At Virt Hire, we go the extra step in creating your video so that you have an edge above your peers in the application pool. Unlike our competitors who merely edit videos, our quality and practical bespoke approach to creating extraordinary video resumes include the following.

  • Creation of a unique and personalized script and design for your video resume.
  • Body language and presentation coaching that will elevate and polish your delivery.
  • Production of high quality, high definition video of superior quality.
  • Review and revision processes that help tailor the video resume to your personal preferences.
  • Uploading the resume online for ease and secure viewing for you and your potential employers.
  • Video distribution guidance for adding your video to social media and popular job sites.