Video Interview Tips

1. Dress appropriately.

You might not be attending an “in-person” interview, but it’s an interview just the same, and you want to leave a good impression. Men: If you don’t have a suit, you should wear a button-down shirt and a tie, with a pair of dress pants or nice khakis. Ladies: Wearing a dress is suitable, but if you don’t have a dress, a blouse with slacks is nice as well. Modest attire is best.

2. Record your video resume in a quiet, well-lit room.

Choose a room in your home that has abundant sunlight and privacy. This reduces your chances of being distracted during your interview.

3. Check your sound and video features on your device.

Before your interview, double-check your video and audio to make sure that the interviewer(s) can hear and see you.

4. Use the feedback from your Interview Training session that you had with us.

Don’t forget to review your feedback from your interview strategy session before each video interview. This refreshes your memory and will help relieve some stress because you’ll be prepared.

5.Research the company and ask questions about company culture.

Tak e time to research the company a little bit because it shows that you are genuinely interested in the job. You should also have at least 2 questions for your potential employer.

6.Should I ask about pay, vacation time, or other benefits if they aren’t discussed during the interview?

No. This is a big red flag to managers because they view it as a sign that you aren’t truly interested in the job; you’re only interested in the money and what you can get out of it, not how you can contribute to the success of the organization.


Send a Thank You Letter a few hours after your interview.